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A swimsuit or swimming trunks. Floaties. If your child has long hair, please put it in a bun or ponytail.
A towel (also take this inside, there is a special place to put it. When you have finished the lesson, you can put it on immediately, before you get out of the pool. To stay nice and warm.)

The rate per swimming lesson is € 19.55. This includes registration costs, exam costs and administration costs. The lessons are paid per period by direct debit. A period coincides with the seasons, winter, spring, summer & autumn.

The water in the Reade is 32 degrees

Yes, there are. There is a blue box in front of the door to the swimming pool and there is also a blue box in the pool.

Yes, that’s possible. We have a unique Online Portal. Here you can cancel a lesson and schedule a catch-up lesson. So handy! But.. Our experience shows: children like to have the same teacher every lesson. And the same children in the group. Just like at school actually. So move the lesson 2 hours because you’re going to the beach? No rather not!

No. We prefer to report live. Robin, Gerco or Suus are always at the door at the start and end of every swimming lesson. Are you asking us? It is also a good time to ask this during the viewing lessons. Even more fun, because then we can show it to you.

The lessons for the training program for diploma A take place in READE, at Overtoom 283. Once the children have mastered the swimming strokes well, both in technique and strength, they can swim well under water, and they can basically do the front crawl and back crawl. , they are ready to move on to the very final preparation for the diploma. We do this in another swimming pool: the Sloterparkbad. On Wednesday afternoon. Once in this pool we have special test lessons that cover all parts of the diploma. Ready to swim off? We will then send a personal invitation. Of course you can always ask us before or after class what your child’s progress is!