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Holiday & exam dates

During the school holidays there are no lessons on certain weekends. Here is an overview of all the important dates on which this is the case. The times for testing and swimming for the ABC diploma are also listed below!

Holiday overview 2024

Periode 2024ReadeSloterparkbad
Spring24-25 february21 february
Easter30-31 march
May27-28 april & 4-5 mayMay 1st
Summer20-21 july t/m 31 aug-1 september24 july t/m 28 augustus
Fall2-3 november  202430 october
Christmas28-29 december t/m 4 -5 january ’25

25 december & 1 january ’25

Test class & exams ABC

Good swimming condition? Powerful swimming strokes? Front crawl and back crawl at a perfect level? Diving and swimming underwater like a mermaid? Ready for the diploma! Every year there are 4 moments to swim. See the overview below.

There is an official test moment a week before the swim. All components for the A, B or C diploma are covered during this lesson.

That same day, a personal invitation will be sent by email to all children who are ready to swim! This also includes the starting time, which will be between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM. This time is not flexible!

The swim takes place on Wednesday afternoon in the Springbassin of the Sloterparkbad.

Periode 2024Test classExam