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Intensief curcus

Een extra boost, een (lief) zetje in de rug. Dat beetje extra oefenen dat maakt dat je naar het volgende groepje of diploma bad kan. Oefenen en genieten.
In de vakantie, op zaterdag én zondag 2 uur zwemles in een heel klein groepje!

Intensive Course

An extra boost, a (sweet) push in the back. That little bit of extra practice that allows you to move on to the next group or diploma pool. Practice and enjoy.
During the holidays, on Saturday and Sunday, 2 hours of swimming lessons in a very small group!

* Only for kids who already swim at Pardoes.

Reade, Overtoom 283

Suitable for every swimming level

The intensive course is suitable for every swimming level. This course offers a lesson of 120 minutes on both Saturday and Sunday; 2 x 1 hour with a 5 minute break in between. An extra long lesson, in which a lot of attention is paid to the ultimate basics of swimming; to conduct.

Good space to practice

Swimming strokes can be learned well from floating. There is plenty of time and space to practice, so that the kids can make a leap in their swimming skills. Think: without straps for the first time. But also: jumping, treading water, breathing exercises, hoop, diving, swimming under water, learning front crawl, climbing over mats, jet stream and splashing!

12 kids in the entire pool

The groups are small (max 6 children) but there are only 2 groups in the entire pool. A serene peace prevails and works wonders... The price for this course is €145 for one weekend (Saturday and Sunday). We work with an online registration system.