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Terms and Conditions


  1. You are deemed to be aware of our General Terms and Conditions by accepting the general terms and conditions on the registration form, available on our website

  2. You are expected to adhere to the rules as stated in these regulations.
    The visitor must strictly follow the instructions of the staff on duty at all times. Visitors must also adhere to the commands and prohibitions indicated on signs. In case of emergency, you must immediately follow the instructions of the staff.
  3. Pardoes Swimming School is not liable for:
    a. the loss, exchange, damage or theft of your property;
    b. for material or immaterial damage, in the broadest sense of the word, or accidents resulting in any way from the use or entry of the swimming pool and the associated spaces and inventory;
    c. damage resulting from the inability to make the facilities available in the accommodation as a result of force majeure or technical malfunctions.

  4. For the safety of your child, it is not permitted to bring fragile or sharp objects into the swimming pool.

  5. Until further notice, I hereby grant automatic authorization to Pardoes swimming school to debit the swimming fee from the bank or account number you provided from the start of the swimming lesson.

  6. Payment is always made by direct debit, the standard payment is quarterly, unless otherwise agreed.
    The lessons are structured as follows: the total number of actual lessons in a season divided by the number of terms.
    This does not include holidays.

  7. Pardoes Swimming School is authorized to adjust the rates if necessary, by default they will be adjusted in January, in accordance with annual inflation.

  8. There is a notice period of one class period (holiday to holiday) before the due date of the direct debit.
    Refunds are in consultation with the management.

  9. After termination of subscription, the service for catch-up lessons will expire.

  10. You do not have to report absence by email, unless it is long-term. This is your own responsibility.
    You can cancel or reserve a lesson via the Online Portal.

  11. By signing our registration form, you authorize us to administer the data. You have the right to withdraw the authorization at any time. The revocation then only relates to the processing of data after the revocation.

  12. The personal data will be deleted from our system within two years after your child has stopped taking swimming lessons. This is in accordance with the regulations of the Personal Data Protection Act.

  13. For the sake of privacy, filming or photography is not permitted during swimming lessons.

  14. If you do not comply with the general terms and conditions of Pardoes swimming school, we are authorized to immediately terminate the swimming lesson.

  15. Complaints can be written to Swimming School Pardoes attn. management